The Herb Guild’s contribution to the Hershey Children’s Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Garden Center.

The Fairy Garden

The Herb Guild’s Holden Forrest and Gardens representative, Shirley Swindell recently contributed a special planter to be placed in the Hershey Children’s Garden. Shirley also coordinated and designed the Christmas Wreath for the Herb Guild at the annual Glow Holiday show at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Behold The Herb Garden Club’s contribution to Holden Forest & Gardens yearly container planting in Hershey Children’s Garden at CBG (Cleveland Botanical Garden). Herb plants used in the container: Golden Sage, Pineapple Sage, Variegated Sage, Rosemary Tuscan Blue, Rosemary Barbecue, Oregano Greek, Oregano Golden, Oregano Italian, Sweet Basil, Bali Thai, English Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Woolly Thyme.

Shirley Swindell, affiliate representative to Holden Forest & Gardens from the Herb Guild,  picked the various herb plants and the fairy house which were planted on June 9th.  Please visit our container at CBG Hershey Children’s Garden located in the Herb Garden front border near the water bumps. 

Shirley Swindell