Girl Scout Troop 70769 earns Bronze Award for Osborne House Garden Youth Project


Girl Scout Troop 70769 has been awarded the Bronze Award for developing a garden in their community.

Here are some pictures of the award ceremony where each girl and leader received a Bronze pin for their work at the Osborne Learning Center, Bay Village pictured below.

Bay Village Mayor presented each girl with a copy of a certificate with the Proclamation awarded their troop for their work in the community. The mayor explained that the gardens are dependent on volunteer organizations developing and maintaining these areas for the park.

Before: Troop 70769 will begin developing this community garden at Rosehill, in Bay Village, Ohio. The girls have been asked to plant a Native plants garden which will attract bees and butterflies. Landscaping will begin in spring at the Osborn Learning Center and around the sign in front of Cahoon House.

A special thank you to the following Herb Guild members who mentored the girls for this project: Fran Wilhelm,Marianne Peden, Shirley Swindell, & Glendalee Burns.









Shirley Swindell receives a thank you Owl for her garden from the troop. Each mentor received a garden stake.


Mentor, Marianne Peden            Fran Wilhelm, Youth Project Chair





Glendalee is one of the original designers of the herb garden who established the garden in 1981.


Fran designed and implemented this

project with Girl Scout Leader, Michelle Krieg.


Representing  the Bay Village Historical Society and the Daughters of the American Revolution,

Doris Gazda attended the event and thanked the girls for making the gardens beautiful at the Learning Center.




Osborne House at Rosehill becomes the Herb Guild Youth Project of the year. Members of the Herb Guild will work with one of the area Girl Scout troops to develop the gardens around the Osborne House Learning Center in Bay Village. Each Girl Scout will research a specific Native Plant to incorporate in the garden design.







Additional plantings will be designed to enhance the sign for Rose Hill in front of the Cahoon House & Museum.


The herb garden that the Herb Guild has developed  and maintained for over 38 years is adjacent to Cahoon House by the original stone Smokehouse seen in the distance by the Smokehouse pictured below.





Osborne Learning Center in bloom.

Butterfly bushes, statice, and sunflowers bloom near the rain barrel.




White Zinnias, purple aster and cone flowers grace the front door

The rainbarrel was donated by the Bay Village Historical Society since there is no water source available at this historcal home.