The Herb Garden at Rosehill

The Herb Garden at Rosehill, Bay Village.

Our Community Garden Project

The Herb Garden by Cahoon house at Rosehill in Bay Village has been the longest supported garden effort by the Herb Guild since it’s beginning in 1981. Volunteer teams tend to the garden monthly, weeding and watering as needed. The Herb Garden at Stearns Homestead in Parma was also developed by the Herb Guild. The Westlake Community Garden Project is the newest garden supported by the Herb Guild. Pictured above is the Smokehouse by the historical homestead, Cahoon House in Bay Village.

Opening Day at Rosehill, May 2017

Herb Guild members are pictured here with trowel and shovels in hand after weeding and mulching the herb garden at the Smokehouse at Rosehill. All plants are labeled. See the inventory of plants that can be seen at these gardens.

Everyone can help maintain the herb garden at Rosehill. Pictured here are the grandchildren of member, Stephanie, who are enjoying
helping garden too. The Herb Guild has maintained and developed this educational garden for since 1981. Members volunteer to weed & water the gardens throughout the grwoing season.

Where do we start?

This old Smokehouse has been used as a jail in the past as well.

Weeding & Mulching are tasks that are being shared with member Stephanie’s grandchildren.

Even the youngest family member can help!

A well deserved rest after much hard work.