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Welcome to Yarrow Fare August 7, 2024

Else Rolland, Co-Founder of the Herb Guild

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Else Rolland and Betty Barnett co-founded the Herb Guild in 1978. The members of the Herb Guild unanimously voted to bestow the title of Honorary Member to Else. She has served as President, and a Board Member, as well as serving as chair of many committees over the course of these years.We value her input and expertise which has guided the Guild over it’s history. With much appreciation we offer our thanks.

Else gave the inspiration for our meal which emphasized being kind to each other all year long.

Betty Barnett, Co-Founder of the Herb Guild 1978

Summer Corn Salad

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  from Kathie Conrad


            6 ears of Corn, husked and cleaned

            1 small box of Grape Tomatoes

            1 Medium Red Onion, diced

            12 Basil Leaves, chopped

            1/4 Cup of Olive Oil

            2 Tablespoons of White Balsamic Vinegar

            Salt and Pepper to Taste


            Put 2 inches of water into a large pot and insert steamer rack. Bring to boil and add

            corn. Cover the pot and steam the corn for 11 minutes.  Cool corn by running the ears

            under cold water.  Remove cooked kernels with a sharp knife.

              Mix the Olive Oil and the White Balsamic Vinegar and add to the

            remaining ingredients, mixing thoroughly.

            Combine all remaining ingredients.  Enjoy immediately or chill until ready to serve!

Giving Thanks for all of our members and friends of the Herb Guild.

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We are thankful for everyone who has been a part of our year. The best of the new year ahead to all.

DIY Weed Killer

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1 Gallon VInegar

1 1/2 Cup Table Salt

1/2 Cup Blue Dawn Dish Soap

Mix together. Can be applied directly. Use in a spray bottle for an easy quick fix or pour from gallon for larger areas.