2024 Scholarship Application & Information

The 2023 Scholarship Recipients Shown are the recipients of the Herb Guild Garden
Club Scholarships. Lydianna Trudel is a graduate of Lakewood High School.

Madison Nicholson is a graduate of Wickliffe High School.

Both girls are majoring in Environmental Science at The Ohio State University.


     The Herb Guild Garden Club, through the support of its members, maintains a scholarship program available to senior high school students as well as freshmen and sophomores attending Lorain County Community College or Cuyahoga Community College.

     The enclosed pamphlet furnishes all the information, which a prospective applicant needs to review before completing the Scholarship Application Form. 

The scholarship money amount can be up to $2000.  The Scholarship Committee may deem more than one applicant qualifies and award more than one scholarship.

     The areas of study that the scholarship(s) will be awarded to are the study of Agriculture, Agriscience, Botany, Culinary Arts, Environmental science, Forestry, Greenhouse and Nursery Management, Horticulture, Natural Resource Management, and Landscaping, ONLY STUDENTS WHO ARE PLANNING TO PURSUE A MAJOR IN ONE OF THE AREAS OF STUDY THAT IS LISTED ABOVE WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP.

    The Herb Guild Garden Club Scholarship Committee extends to all applicants their best wishes and hopes for continuing education and successful careers in their chosen fields.

Scholarship Committee:

Chairman, Karol Polkinghorn 440-554-7755

Co-Chair, Mary Kay Filipiak

Scholarship Application Procedure

Purpose: To further the knowledge and use of herbs and contribute the results to the study of Agriculture, Agriscience, Botany, Culinary Arts, Environmental Science, Forestry, Greenhouse and Nursery Management, Horticulture, Landscaping, and Natural Resource Management.

Eligibility: Only students with one of the proposed academic areas of study listed above are eligible for this scholarship.

Restriction: A one-year scholarship is available to graduating high school seniors as well as freshmen or sophomores enrolled at Lorain County Community College or Cuyahoga Community College. Applicants must be residents of the State of Ohio and U.S. citizens.  International or foreign exchange students are not eligible.

Application Procedure: Download applications from this website or contact Karol Polkinghorn for more information. Applications should be addressed to:

The Herb Guild Garden Club

Karol Polkinghorn, 3677 Lexington Court, Westlake, Ohio 44145

  • Applications must be received at the above address no later than April 3, 2024 to be considered for the current year.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.  Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.
  • No scholarship money needs to be awarded in any given year.
  • Announcement of the scholarship recipient(s) will be made no later than May 1, 2024.
  • If you have any questions, or need an application, please call:

Karol Polkinghorn, Scholarship Chair 440-554-7755

Terms: Each recipient of scholarship money is to understand that the funds will be sent directly to the college or university that they will be attending. This money is to be used for tuition or books.  The college or university that you will be attending must be in the United States.

After completing the first academic school year, each recipient is expected to inform The Herb Guild Garden Club Scholarship Committee, in writing by August 1, 2025 of their accomplishments in their chosen field.

The Herb Guild Garden Club is not medically oriented.  No advice on the medicinal use of herbs shall be disseminated. 

Attendance at the Herb Guild’s Annual Scholarship is Mandatory for the reception of the scholarship.

Sample of the application form. Download the form to complete and mail as directed.

Official Application Form

Street Address________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code__________________________________________________________________________

Phone _________________________________________________________________________________________

School Currently Attending: __________________________________________________________________

Planned Major Field of Study: (in college)_____________________________________________________

Planned Minor Field of Study: (in college)_____________________________________________________
Honors and Awards: ___________________________________________________________________________


Offices Held: (include year)____________________________________________________________________

Accomplishments: ____________________________________________________________________________



Outside Activities_______________________________________________________________________________

College you are planning to attend: __________________________________________________________
References (other than school)________________________________________________________________
Name and Position ___________________________________________________________________________

Name and Position___________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Applicant_______________________________________________________________________

NOTE: Attendance at the Herb Guild Garden Club’s Scholarship Luncheon is Mandatory in order to receive the scholarship.

Please submit two (2) copies of this application (photocopies accepted), letters of
recommendation from two of your current instructors, and a grade transcript to:
Karol Polkinghorn, 3677 Lexington Court, Westlake, Ohio 44145
Questions? Call: 1-440-554-7755 Deadline: April 3, 2024

I have read the foregoing and agree to attend the Herb Guild Garden Club’s Scholarship Luncheon on August 7, 2024, In the event that I do not attend, my scholarship shall be forfeited and the amount awarded to another student.

Initial: _________________________ Date: ____________________